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Welcome To Echodelick

We are a super small indie vinyl record label. We specialize in short run, high quality releases that both challenge and engage listeners through our expertly curated choice of artists. The results speak for themselves.

Check out some of our releases and you’ll discover some of the most innovative music being created today.

The following are in the process of being pressed into vinyl format.   Each one is limited edition and available for purchase from our BandCamp page here.   Contact Us if you have any questions.


Perhaps 4

Born and conceived in Boston Mass, Perhaps is a purveyor of Psyche / Space Rock freakout excitement!

One song, forty minutes!  Featuring members of Acid Mothers Temple, Giraffes Giraffes and Art Decade have made contributions to this gem.

1. 4A 20:29
2. 4B 20:29